Growth of m-Gov. in mobile first country   

India with its 981 Million wireless telecom subscriber (June 2015, TRAI) and 350 Million active internet users (Aug 2015, IAMAI) is one of the fastest growing mobile service dominated economy.

Going by the trend, Government of India has aggressive plans of serving citizens with various G2C services as part of US $ 16 Billion, Digital India initiative. G2C/ C2G/ G2G services will change the way Govt. and Citizens connects with each other, real time, without intermediary.

All e-Gov. applications will be remodeled into m-Gov. Apps to allow Govt. departments reach to last mile. That’s best public service model, a vibrant democracy like India with its edge on Information technology should offer to its citizens.

In this backdrop, InGreens has bagged India’s one of the first Tablet PC based Agriculture extension project in 2013-14.

Matir Katha G2C Application:    


With an aim to empower farmers with knowledge of scientific production and post-harvest practices, market price info, latest Agri innovations and on-demand crop protection solutions, G2C/ C2G project ‘Matir Katha’ was started at West Bengal.

This is one among the first few Agri Extension convergence project in India where DOA is reaching to farmers via live and interactive mobile applications. Developed on an open-source platform, this is a complex project combining latest telecom technology and tools like IVR, USSD, TTS, GIS and Cloud Data center with Mobile App and Tablet PC.

Unique proposition:

  • On demand and real time solution to pest & disease problems at farmers field
  • Faster transfer of scientific farming practices to grass-root
  • Paperless, secured communication across departmental hierarchy
  • Transparent scheme/ project reporting from Blocks
  • Analytics on ground data for developing better policies

Modules of Matir Katha

Instant Question and Answer


Farmer’s questions are getting captured in the field with images & description in local language and sent to Agri experts instantly. Answer to the queries reaches to the handheld device in minimum possible time. All stakeholders are getting SMS Alert. Farmers get solution through SMS, USSD & IVR. TTS is being implemented.

Scientific Cultivation Practice


Government recommended POP (Package of practice) and IPM practices for predominant Crops are pre-loaded at Tablet PC in local language that can be updated remotely.

Krishi Pathshala


Videos clips/ presentations on Agri mechanization, success stories, post-harvest tools are archived here. This allows quick reach of newly invented farm technology to grass-root, enabling efficient production.

Fertilizer Calculator


Farmers can calculate the exact amount of fertilizer required for his crop. Once plot size, cultivation season, crop, type of seed, variety, planting practice, and present nutrient condition of the soil of his plot is entered, he gets back recommended amount of fertilizer in Kg and total cost of nutrient.

Data Analytics


Different types of data captured at grassroots are being analysed and intelligent reports are generated for better policy decisions.

Departmental Communication


Communication from Agriculture department HQ to district/ block/ panchayat/ Farm level are now paper-less, instant and secured.

Project Report


State department get 24/7 report about various running schemes and projects from District/ block. This has brought swiftness, transparency and decision support to Department head quarter.

Web Conferencing


State HQ to Block level conferencing via Web.

Modern Agriculture Dictionary


This is a user friendly version of emerging and complex concepts of Agriculture.

Weather Information

weather f

Farmers would get to know whether details including Rainfall, Relative humidity, Temperature, Wind speed, Wind direction and Soil moisture, captured through automated weather stations spread across the state.

Live Tracking


Field visit of ground force can be tracked in a Map for better management of process implementation.

Farmer Registration


All Farmers of the state is being registered for transparent Departmental project implementation and Benefit distribution.

Mandi Price


Department Head quarter can get local mandi price of various crops, every day from Panchayat level Grid, spread across the state. This helps Department of Agri marketing in price policy decisions and to control undesired commodity price fluctuations.



Various information captured at Grass-root will be displayed in various type of infographic for better understanding and policy effectove plan implementation.