Rural m-Commerce (Consumer products)

 SalesStar Consumer products

SalesStar is an unique combination of old school, well trained, feet-on-street who champion their localities; and a sales process management platform that tracks, records and analyze their activities in real time. The benefits of this system include lead generation from new territories by field level experts, and real time tracking the movement of these leads, from generation to conversion as well as payment processing and Last mile logistics support (LML). This enables the client to operate and access real time data at their fingertips, for a vast geography, without any cost on long term ground level resources.

InGreens data encapsulation and analytics engine (IDEA) is a mashup of lead profile, product variant fitment, CRM and sales closure activities. This engine, combined with Ingreens years of excellence in execution makes Salestar a perfect growth engine for its client’s products. (See the tree diagram). Customer relationship centre, manages customer profile and persistently ensures sales closure with well defined process.